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Randall Lineback Beef Liver Paté

Each order contains:

1 Paté Round (4oz) **NOTE NEW, SMALLER SIZE**

Paté lovers rejoice! ...and non-paté people, just hear us out. This country-style paté is everything rich and buttery that you love about pâté with none of the metallic aftertaste or cloying fat that you don't. Smooth, with hints of coriander that dance on the palate. It is hand-crafted with care by the team at MeatCrafters, using the best beef liver in the world and just the right amount of seasoning, then light smoked to perfection & hand-sliced into perfect rounds. Try it-- you will be so very happy you did!

To serve: remove the red liner, bring to room temperature, and spread on crackers or toast with some sliced cornichons on the side.

Randall Lineback Beef is:
A True American Heritage Breed that predates conventional beef by more than 150 years.
100% Pasture Born | 100% Pasture Raised | Grass Fed | Free Range
Raised WITHOUT Added Growth Hormones, Steroids, and Harmful Antibiotics
Chapel Hill Farm is:
A Small Family Farm in Berryville, VA.
We believe in: Humane Treatment, Traceability, Biodiversity, Sustainability, Transparency, Quality,
and Saving the Randall Lineback Breed.
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