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Randall Lineback Tri-Tip Steak (Single Pack)

Each package contains:

  • 1 Tri-Tip Steak, frozen (*NOTE CHANGE IN PACKAGE SIZE)

The Tri-Tip-- also known as a California cut (where it first became popular) or triangle steak (for obvious reasons)-- is known for its rich and buttery flavor. The Tri-Tip is a triangular steak, cut from part of the bottom sirloin. This is a muscle group that works hard but also has threads of fat working through it, so it's both lean and retains its tenderness when cooked. As always, aim for medium rare. Start with low heat and finish with a high sear or start with a high sear and move to low heat to finish.

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Randall Lineback Beef is:
A True American Heritage Breed that predates conventional beef by more than 150 years.
100% Pasture Born | 100% Pasture Raised | Grass Fed | Free Range
Raised WITHOUT Added Growth Hormones, Steroids, and Harmful Antibiotics
Chapel Hill Farm is:
A Small Family Farm in Berryville, VA.
We believe in: Humane Treatment, Traceability, Biodiversity, Sustainability, Transparency, Quality,
and Saving the Randall Lineback Breed.
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