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The founders of Landover’s MeatCrafters are licensed to cure

Mitch Berliner and Debra Moser were bad at retirement.

That’s how the husband-wife pair describes the impetus for MeatCrafters, a wholesale charcuterie business that’s quietly proliferating into restaurants and retail. The 3-year-old Landover company has an extensive line of cured sausages and snacks, with plans to kick growth into high gear this year.

And its Skinny Salamis, the team agrees, are its ticket to widespread national expansion. The products — packets of cured salami sticks in flavors like spicy pork chorizo with truffles and street cart shawarma lamb — were conceived for diverse channels like the natural food, traditional grocery, winery and brewery, and health and fitness markets. They’re versatile, Moser said, already found in bars’ Bloody Mary cocktails, on restaurants’ charcuterie boards, in home pantries to stock kids’ lunches and in camping backpacks.

“We are hoping that 2018 is our breakout year,” Berliner said.

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