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The Process

How We Make Our Salamis



For thousands of years people have been curing meat as a preservation method. Today we use new technologies to produce natural salamis with old-and-new-world flavors. Our salamis age slowly in computerized curing rooms that came from Italy and meet USDA standards. We take our all natural meats and mix them with our all proprietary spices, making sure our grind is perfect. The meat is then stuffed into the all natural casings. Every one of our salamis are weighed, clipped, and tied together.

The salamis are then moved into the fermentation room to “bloom."  They will hang here for one week, in specific temperature-and-humidity settings, which allows our special starter cultures to begin to ferment the meat. As the salamis begin to ferment and the “bloom” or mold begins to grow a delicious aroma comes from them. The white coating that you see on our salamis is a great mold that adds the distinct fermented salami flavor and protects the salami as is it moved into the aging room.

Once in the aging room, the salamis will hang for as long as they take to develop their distinctive flavors. This process varies by the type of salami.

When the salami is ready, we cut one down and taste it to make sure that we have achieved the best flavor. Salamis are wrapped so that they can be sold to our customers at retail locations, restaurants, and even local farmers markets.

We are proud of our artisanal techniques that not only produce a high quality line of old world and unique new world flavored salamis, but garnish acclaim from some of the top chefs in the United States.

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