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Randall Lineback Tomahawk Ribeye Chops

Choose Size Below:

  • MEDIUM: 2ea 16oz Ribeye Tomahawk Chops (ca. 32oz total), frozen
  • LARGE: 2ea 20oz Ribeye Tomahawk Chops (ca. 40oz total), frozen
  • JUMBO: 2ea 24oz Ribeye Tomahawk Chops (ca. 48oz total), frozen

A rare and beautiful offering: Ribeye Tomahawk Chops, hand-cut by a local butcher, that are guaranteed to satisfy. We recommend serving these medium-rare. Just pat them dry and add a little salt and pepper-- the bright, vivid flavors of these Randall Lineback chops will do the rest. We love cooking them on a hot grill, but stovetop searing and finishing in a low oven is also out of this world terrific. You can slice and serve (each chop serves more than 1), or serve them whole for a truly impressive plate.

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Randall Lineback Beef is:
A True American Heritage Breed that predates conventional beef by more than 150 years.
100% Pasture Born | 100% Pasture Raised | Grass Fed | Free Range
Raised WITHOUT Added Growth Hormones, Steroids, and Harmful Antibiotics
Chapel Hill Farm is:
A Small Family Farm in Berryville, VA.
We believe in: Humane Treatment, Traceability, Biodiversity, Sustainability, Transparency, Quality,
and Saving the Randall Lineback Breed.
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