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Randall Lineback Oaxacan Chorizo Ground Beef


1 Package Oaxacan Chorizo Ground Beef, frozen

A brand new offering that will keep you warm and cozy through the fall and winter. This latest collaboration with MeatCrafters combines our ground with a cornucopia of spices to create a Oaxacan-style chorizo mix that is the perfect base for chili, bolognese, meatballs, breakfast sausage, or taco filling. Seriously, this does it ALL. Our favorite: Lightning chili-- just add canned crushed tomatoes, and bubble for 30 minutes, and everyone will SWEAR you spent days sweating over the stove. Arrives in a 2-lb log as shown. Can be sliced, smooshed, or rolled into whatever shape you desire. Spice level is medium, so don't be surprised when you get a little kick!

Visit our RECIPES PAGE for cooking suggestions.

Randall Lineback Beef is:
A True American Heritage Breed that predates conventional beef by more than 150 years.
100% Pasture Born | 100% Pasture Raised | Grass Fed | Free Range
Raised WITHOUT Added Growth Hormones, Steroids, and Harmful Antibiotics
Chapel Hill Farm is:
A Small Family Farm in Berryville, VA.
We believe in: Humane Treatment, Traceability, Biodiversity, Sustainability, Transparency, Quality,
and Saving the Randall Lineback Breed.
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